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KUALA LUMPUR: The High Court has issued a bankruptcy notice against Green Packet Bhd founder Puan Chan Cheong or better known as CC Puan.

A local media has reported that the lawsuit was filed by Medinis Sdn Bhd and Everegion Sdn Bhd. Puan had failed to pay a combined sum of RM30.66mil to the two companies.

Puan, 53, resigned from his position as group managing director of Green Packet Bhd on Jan 31, 2022 to to devote more time for his personal matters.


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He founded Green Packet in 2000 and led the company to become an international player in the provision of connectivity devices and solutions to telecommunications companies globally.

He subsequently led the company to its Main Market listing in 2005.

The groups biggest endeavor was to raise substantial capital to launch and operate Malaysia's challenger telecommunications company before it was acquired by Telekom Malaysia Bhd (TM).

Thereafter, Puan relinquished his role as group CEO in 2014 when he assumed the role of P1 CEO post the TM acquisition for a period of two years.


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