Telegram群组导航( remands five in haj fraud investigation

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Selangor police chief Arjunaidi Mohamed says the suspects, ages 30 to 60, were arrested in the capital at about 9pm on Friday, then handed over to his officers. – The Malaysian Insight file pic, July 10, 2022.

FIVE people, including the owner of a travel agency, have been remanded for three days until Tuesday, to assist in the investigation into cases of fraudulent haj pilgrimage packages.

Selangor police chief Arjunaidi Mohamed said the suspects, ages 30 to 60, were arrested in the capital at about 9pm on Friday.

He said the suspects were then handed over to Selangor police, in which the case was originally reported.

“All suspects, including the owner of the travel agency and his wife, were remanded until July 12, according to section 117 of the Criminal Procedure Code.




“The case is being investigated under section 420 of the penal code for cheating,” he said today.

Yesterday, Wangsa Maju police chief Ashari Abu Samah said Kuala Lumpur police had arrested five people, including two women, to assist in the investigation into a haj package and visa scam of at least RM2.37 million.

On Thursday, about 380 prospective haj pilgrims said they were stranded at Kuala Lumpur International Airport, believed to be victims of a travel scam.

They were understoof to have used Furada visas, which are private haj visas separate from the Lembaga Tabung Haji quota. – Bernama, July 10, 2022.


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